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As a business owner, why should I consider to have an ATM?


Various studies have shown that a customer who uses an ATM spends 30-50 percent of the funds withdrawn in the store by itself; and likewise, the customer spends 20-25 percent more than what a non-ATM customer spends! ATM can allow you to increase customer loyalty, increase revenue, and provide a valuable service to your customers. Our high-capacity machines also allow you to create special incentives with coupons and on-screen advertisements. In addition to having an ATM at no cost, the business owner, also receives income from the transaction surcharge generated by the ATM.


What kind of profit can I expect from having an ATM?


Depending on the types of location and the amount of business that you have, local foot traffic, and whether the ATM is internal or external.


What factors contribute to the success of my ATM?


Foot traffic and surrounding businesses are the factors that they can contribute to the success of your ATM. It is also important to locate your ATM near the entrance or cash register, and in a well lit location.


What is my commitment as a business owner?


ATM CashOut, Inc. offers various placement program alternatives that have absolutely no cost to you, and these programs can even include substantial monthly commission.



Who fills the ATM with cash and receipt paper?


We offer several options. As part of your agreement with ATM CashOut Inc., you will have the option to fill your ATM, or we can do it for you by contracting with secure armored carriers. Free of charge.


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