ATM - Nextran Comnet 3000

A new level of ATM technology has been reached!
Redefining the standard has been the goal that has driven
NexTran to produce The Comnet Series line of ATM's.

This new state of the art line of ATM's has revolutionized the
industry by providing user friendly technology with a sleek,
solid design suitable for any environment.

Running on Windows NT, Comnet's PC based capabilities
allow full motion video and audio as well as voice guidance.
Upgrade able features allow the Comnet series to adapt to
any future changes in the marketplace.

Comnet series ATM's design has been noted as the most
ergonomically correct design on the market and offers a
strong, solid look that will compliment any place of business.
Our ComNet Series products are produced in strict
compliance with current international and ADA standards.

Sleek design coupled with the latest technology is what
makes this series of ATM's an obvious choice for consumers.

We understand that quality and affordability should go hand
in hand. Through painstaking efforts, Nextran has been able
to accomplish what other companies could not; More for
your money. More, in this case, encompasses all the quality
features that people look for in an ATM. Now, using Comnet
ATM's, your customers can enjoy faster transactions along
with the most ergonomically correct design.

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