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ATM CashOut, Inc. has been operating Megatouch equipment in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, gentlemens clubs, hotels, motels, casinos, and gas stations since 2000. We have state of the art equipment, a knowledgeable and experienced repair staff on call 7 days a week, and personalized customer service that you can count on!


Why Your Business Needs Megatouch Machines


  •  It has no maintenance cost for you!
  •  We provide short term contract!
  •  Fast installation
  •  It generates extra cash flow for your business!
  • It has a huge fan base!



Over 150 different, unique and entertaining games let your customers spend literally thousands of hours play time, which keeps them in your establishment and spending money.


Totally automated DSL connection allows players to compete real time all over the world with other players.


Verified tracking of revenue so you know that you are getting 50% of the revenues!



The newest touch screen Megatouch Machines have created an entire following of worldwide players and fans everywhere.


Gain some of that business by putting one or more in your business place today!


Please feel free to contact us anytime about our services

at: 1-888-506-2878 or by e-mail:







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